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About me

I am Leo Gavilieau, also known as xmoo. I am a Linux user and free software enthusiast. In my spare time, I work on my personal free software projects. I am a proud owner and caretaker of a (soon-to-be) chestnut tree and a tomato plant.

This is my personal website, it has (among other stuff) ways to contact me and it also has my blog. Feel free to check out whatever you want, and if you have any suggestions, comments or feedback then feel free to send them to me too!

I believe that technology should be used to empower people, not control them. I work on free software projects because I believe that everyone should have the freedom to use, study, modify and distribute software. I think that we can build a better world by working together and sharing our knowledge.

However, when I am not on the computing typing away and programming, I am often outside appreciating nature and what life has to offer, I love gardening quite a lot and I take care of a few plants including the aforementioned chestnut tree.

My blog

Here lies my ramblinds, typically they’re about technology or nature. Don’t expect a regular schedule, I am very busy but you might be able to check back every couple of months and read something interesting here.

An RSS feed exists for those with good Internet habits (I envy you), it should be available (Actually, I forgot to setup RSS feed generation, so please hold on while I figure out how this thing works.)

Pothole: A Tumblr-like federated microblogging server. April 20th 2023.

Pothole is a lightweight ActivityPub server, this blog post serves as an insight into it and what I have in mind. It also includes a status update.

Modern laptops are typically sleek, light and portable products. But in this article, we will explore why they awfully suck and an alternative that you might not have heard of.

As a long-time Web Surfer, I have collected links to pages that you should not miss! (In no particular order)

If I linked to your page, then it is probably because I find your work interesting, or your website is retro and cool. (or some other reason that I have most likely put next to the link)

But note that this isn’t an endorsement, even though it looks like one.

Of course, you can send me a link that you think I should check out and that I would like. If I do then I might include it.